Breath in, Breath out. I'm loved, I'm alive.
I go by the name Jesse, I live in Fort Collins, Colorado, but my hometown is Phoenix, Arizona and I miss it everyday. There's nothing more I love in life than any variation of punk music. Please ask me something because I always answer questions.
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Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties- Our Apartment (x)
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The world is a beautiful place but we have to make it that way. Whenever you find home we’ll make it more than just a shelter. And if everyone belongs there it will hold us all together. If you’re afraid to die, then so am I.

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TWIABP @ Asbury Lanes 8/25/13
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Expire by Senny Mau on Flickr.
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Expire- Just Fine (x)
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Sext: I just saw Seahaven
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Superheaven // Wilkes-Barre, PA @ The Last Lamp Post - Chapter One 8.9.14
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Honest Sleep - Touche Amore
I’d appreciate it if you didn’t promote on my post or remove this text.
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Turnstile by on Flickr.
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Gnarwolves - Southsea by liamb1994 on Flickr.
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