Breath in, Breath out. I'm loved, I'm alive.
I go by the name Jesse and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. There's nothing more I love in life than any variation of punk music. Please ask me something because I always answer questions.
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Tiny Moving Parts//This Couch is Long & Full of Friendship
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Lil su’n su’n I knocked up for our announcement today.
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Forever jealous of uncuntcious because of her hoodie :(
Friday, 1:01 pm
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I had a chance to construct something beautiful and I choked

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Flowers Taped To Pens s/t 
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I love you, I loved you never.
Remember the times we can’t have back?
But fuck the past; soon we’ll be alright,
we’ve made plans to hold up our heads high.

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Pity Sex - Keep // [x]
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Anonymous said: She's cute

i knowwww. she’s hella adoorable <3


Rotting Out
Tulsa, OK
Thursday, 5:58 pm
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The Front Bottoms by rnax on Flickr.
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