Breath in, Breath out. I'm loved, I'm alive.
I go by the name Jesse and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. There's nothing more I love in life than any variation of punk music. Feel free to ask me something because I love getting questions.

Township // Chicago
Monday, 6:57 pm
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Anonymous said: Answer and I won't ask anything else. How do you know you're in love? Details please.

I knew we were in love when every time we talked to each other the word love would just slip up. I knew I was in love when I realized how much more she cares about me than anyone I’ve ever known. I knew I was in love because every time I was around her I was happy, and me being happy previously wasn’t a thing. I knew I was in love when even though I was upset, just seeing her smile made my day. I knew I was in love when we went camping and all got lost. She was the only thing on my mind and I wanted her safety before mine. I honestly can say that I’m truly in love for the first time. Hopefully that’s plenty of details lol

Anonymous said: "Please ask me something because I always answer."

I should change it to: “Please ask me something unless the answer isn’t completely obvious.”

Anonymous said: Are you in love?

Do I breathe oxygen? Do fish swim? Is water wet?  (Yes, I am. And she is the most amazing person I have ever met. She’s the only person I have EVER known who has made me somewhat happy. Not to mention she’s the most beautiful person I’ve met as well)


Adventures. // Beat Kitchen 5/10/14.
Saturday, 3:51 pm
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Old Gray @ Golden Tea House on Flickr.
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Trapped Under Ice (x)
Saturday, 3:41 pm
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Algernon Cadwallader
Saturday, 1:30 pm
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Anonymous said: never answered my ask

I probably didn’t want to answer it thennn


The Hotelier by mattlamourt on Flickr.
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Dad Punchers
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Backtrack//Lost in Life
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